Science Advocates Take to Raleigh Streets to Support March for Science

Marchers have taken to the streets of downtown Raleigh on Earth Day to fight for science in conjunction with the March for Science — a global event taking place on six continents.

Reports are that scientists in Antartica are cheering on the science advocates gathering in the North Carolina capital, the nation’s capital and other cities across the country.

In Raleigh, marchers gathered at Shaw University and started a march that will culminate in Moore Square for a rally.

They held up subtle and not-so-subtle signs,

“The nerds are angry,” one hoisted sign said.

“There is no Planet-B,” another said.

#marchforscience #raleighsciencemarch such a great atmosphere. Lots of kids and families, from all walks of life. Well worth coming here.

— Robs (@captainrobs) April 22, 2017

Some took shots at the current White House occupant:

“Science: Where would his hair be without it?”

#marchforscience #raleighsciencemarch

— Wendy Krause (@WhiteWaterWendy) April 22, 2017

Others poked fun at the stereoptype that science and the many people who work in the multi-pronged field are stodgy.

“Meteorologists do it with models,” stated a woman’s poster board.

A woman in a pink T-shirt and straw hat with pink fringe stood on the outskirts of Moore Square, where a rally was set to begin at noon with an array of speakers. She hoisted a cardboard sign: “Talk Nerdy To Me Baby!”

#raleighsciencemarch #scienceequalstruth #nc

— Trayraymc (@trayraymc) April 22, 2017

U.S. Congressman David Price, a Democrat from Chapel Hill, was at Moore Square talking with marchers, as was Mike Woodard, a state senator from Durham.

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