Why Atlanta Georgia Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Are you going to be traveling into Georgia over the next few weeks? If so, head up into Atlanta. It is a very large city, with many tours, concerts and landmarks that you can see. You will get to learn more about this wonderful city on bike or even by taking a Segway tour. If you are a fan of zombies, this is the place to go if you are a fan of the Walking Dead. There are also many restaurants coming museums and parks that you can go to. Let’s go over some of the best places to take both adults and children.

Alpaca Farm Tours

If you are traveling with kids, they will get to handle these alpacas which produce very unique wool. It’s about an hour outside of Atlanta, but it’s definitely worth the drive, and you also get to see goats as well.

Adventure Combo At The North Georgia Zoo

If you have not gotten enough with the all pockets, you can head over to the Georgia Zoo, a place that has an adventure package. This is also outside of Atlanta, about a 2 hour drive but it will be well worth the trip. Children must be accompanied by an adult, and you will get to do the Wildlife Walk, looking at the reptiles, camels, and other animals. There are habitats inside that literally mirror where they would naturally live, giving you a very authentic experience.

Shows And Events

If you are traveling with children, go to the Center For Puppetry Arts, and If You Are into Shakespeare, the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is a wonderful place to visit. If you like symphonies, and see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra or even catch a show at the Chastain Park Amphitheater which is primarily for adults.

These are just a few of the examples of things you can do once you get to Atlanta. Of course, you can always going to the city and check out the restaurants, pubs, and even do wine and beer tasting. It is a large city that has a lot to offer, and if you have taken the time to book your vacation package online, you will know that you are saving money. It’s a place that many people visit to just see what Atlanta has to offer. It is a destination that will always keep you moving. Don’t forget to check out Zoo Atlanta, the House, and also travel to the Atlanta History Center where you can learn more about this wonderful city.