Atlanta, Georgia Is a Commercial and Cultural Center of the Southeast

Atlanta, Georgia is not just the capital of the state, but also quite possibly a central commercial and cultural center of the Southeast. Miami might be more famous and influential, but it’s so far south that it’s not really a city of southeastern culture, given its high population percentages of people from elsewhere in the country and even world. Also, Dallas and Houston are major economic hubs, but Texas is very much its own place, and not always considered a Southeastern state.

Many major corporations and companies call Atlanta home, but there are many hundreds more that have major locations of presences here. The most famous of all might be the Coca-Cola company, easily the biggest soft drink maker in the world, as well as owner of many other major beverage brands. The Coke brand itself is one of the top five most recognized brands on the globe, hitting the top or second spot in many yearly surveys. Any visit to Atlanta should include a stop at the Coke museum to learn about the history of this company.

Culture is also quite diverse in Atlanta, as many different walks of life live, work, and play here. The city is represented by professional sports teams across many different leagues, and quite a bit of minor league action happens too. Many museums, clubs, entertainment venues, and shopping opportunities enrich the life of locals and many who drive to visit here. Visitors come from all over the state, but also South Carolina, Alabama, parts of Tennessee, and even North Carolina.

Atlanta is unfortunately notorious for its massive traffic as well, and the Georgia summers are long, humid, and hot. However, fresh air and great vacations aren’t far away either in the mountains to the north and west, or the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.